Attraction Lights

U.S. mfr. ; rethinking outdoor lighting; beautiful shadow patterns cast from distinctive designs; highest quality, easy to install and maintain; custom available.​​


Renaissance Shades

U.S.mfr.; custom and standard shades; COM, unusual, and stock materials; unusual shapes and materials done per your design; use of ATI laminates for 'out of the box'  designs.

BJLS - BJ Lighting Solutions,Inc.

Since 1995

Secto Design
Scandinavian Design from Finland; contemporary wood fixtures for comercial and residential

projects; large scale and delicate pieces; U.S. inventory.

Renaissance Furnishings

U.S. mfr. w/new add'l. 25,00 sq.' facility; mfg. hospitality/commercial interior and ext. furnishings including site furnishings; custom pieces a strong suit; works well with municipality requirements; wiill produce your designs; all materials available.

​SPJ Architectural Lighting

U.S.mfr.; the most complete line of exterior/interior options, including LED, and custom fixtures, plus the new FLEX-LINK wireless control of individual fixtures from smartphone or tablet.


Hand-made, wood veneer; high-design fixtures from Spain, capturing whimsy and sophistication.

New Life-Size  and larger-than-life fixtures; U.S. inventory available.

RCLF - Renaissance Contract Lighting

U.S.mfr.; floor, ceiling, table, wall lamps + chandeliers + large-scale fixtures; all custom; will produce your design; restorations, retrofits and recreations are a forte. 


U.S.made fixtures including custom or standard and patterned backlit mirrors; slim-line vanity lighting including LED; Edison incand. & LED lamps + retrofit LED lamps; LED and vintage wall fixtures.  SPECTRUM collection of Euro backlit and decorative mirrors ... 'stunning'!

​​​CIP - Charlotte International Partners

A U.S. Disability-Owned Enterprise. 

Imported fixtures from Europe and Asia; Solid state LED-heavy; architectural and classical fixtures for commercial, retail, industrial, street, area, & residential.

​          CIP LED Smart Industrial Ltg / CIP LED Luce / CIP Lighting /

        CIP Super Light / Clear & Flex Lighting / Ltg. by Charlotte