BJLS - BJ Lighting Solutions,Inc.

Since 1995

Secto Design
Scandinavian Design from Finland; contemporary wood fixtures for commercial and residential

projects; large scale and delicate pieces; U.S. inventory.

Renaissance Shades

U.S.mfr.; custom and standard shades; COM, unusual, and stock materials; unusual shapes and materials done per your design; use of ATI laminates for 'out of the box'  designs.

​SPJ Architectural Lighting

U.S.mfr.; the most complete line of exterior/interior options, including LED, and custom fixtures, plus the new FLEX-LINK wireless control of individual fixtures from smartphone or tablet.

Renaissance Furnishings

U.S. mfr. w/new add'l. 25,00 sq.' facility; mfg. hospitality/commercial interior and ext. furnishings including site furnishings; custom pieces a strong suit; works well with municipality requirements; wiill produce your designs; all materials available.


U.S.made fixtures including custom or standard and patterned backlit mirrors; slim-line vanity lighting including LED; Edison incand. & LED lamps + retrofit LED lamps; LED and vintage wall fixtures.  SPECTRUM collection of Euro backlit and decorative mirrors ... 'stunning'!

Renaissance Architectural Panels & Grills

U.S.mfr.; custom; intricate to basic decorative metal panels for room and booth dividers, as diffusers and wall art; made to your specifications, finishes and budget requirements; your design or ours, let's work together.

RCLF - Renaissance Contract Lighting

U.S.mfr.; floor, ceiling, table, wall lamps + chandeliers + large-scale fixtures; all custom; will produce your design; restorations, retrofits and recreations are a forte. 


Hand-made, wood veneer; high-design fixtures from Spain, capturing whimsy and sophistication.

New Life-Size  and larger-than-life fixtures; U.S. inventory available.

​​​CIP - Charlotte International Partners

A U.S. Disability-Owned Enterprise. 

With more than eighteen  years experience with LED and driver technology, Charlotte International Partners represents some of the world's largest commercial LED lighting manufacturers.  Combined with their other lighting factories, Charlotte International Partners offers one of the the largest selections of LED lighting in the USA. Our products are offered to the professional lighting industry for industrial, commercial, retail use.